Packaging an idea in terms that are neither confrontational

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From promoting and practising nepotism to reinforcing stereotypes, Karan Johar has seen it all and done it well. His movies, barring a handful like My name is Khan, have been hotbeds for criticism in their portrayal of relationships. He panders to the needs of his family audience and has vicariously stayed within the limits of rom com drama that we have come to love, with a pinch of salt.

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buy canada goose jacket cheap Newt Gingrich is proof that sometimes you should kill the messenger. No matter how sound your idea may be people do not want to be lectured like children, or even worse, like they are idiots. Packaging an idea in terms that are neither confrontational nor condescending would go a long way toward gaining the attention and trust of an African American audience. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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